Kitchen chalkboard and simple reminders


You would think I have too much to do to decorate a chalkboard in my kitchen. And yes recently I have let myself get caught up in that line of thinking. Hurry hurry get it done. I must add, I find this sad and rather unfortunate. BD and I made this chalkboard last year and I had great fun with it for a while. Then life started getting in the way. Because I let it and well…life is busy for us all. t’s crazy how we can let the monotony, the “I have to” and “I need to” get in the ways of the fun and the “I want to”. For the most part I am a realistic gal, so don’t go painting me as some pie in the sky optimist. I am not. I have 4 kids and a husband and stuff to get done, practically speaking, none of that leaves much room for fun. I want it to. But it doesn’t. And many days it’s all to easy to let my “get it done” nature get in the way of the fun girl I know lives inside of me.
I woke up this morning as a matter of fact, watching Lucas watch a video of them slip and sliding on the homemade slip and slide BD made for them. I heard their laughter and giggles and saw all 4 kids were participating. BD is really good at getting in the moment when it arises. I admire him for that. Even though he is the primary bread winner and has so much pressure at work and so much to do, he is really good at letting them be kids and enjoying it with them. Me…well I have my moments but usually the moments I create for them are well…moments I create for them. Under my control. But as I watched that video with Lucas, I realized I had not once gone outside and watched them slip and slide. Yes, we are only a week into summer so I won’t be too hard on myself. But the pangs of “that moment is gone” sadness were all I needed to remind me to be more present with them at least once a day. Yes, I have the stuff I need to get done and I choose to do those things (read laundry, dishes, cleaning, blogging) because it is how our house runs well and functions. It’s engrained in me to be that way and I like my chaos controlled. But those pangs I felt were the reminder I needed. It’s summer time, mama! Have fun! Let them be little and enjoy it with them from time to time! I am going to give myself a break here and be realistic and say…mommy guilt will not sweep me away. But as a mom, as a person, I want to enjoy my kids. My life. And sometimes being inside doing housework is not the way to do that. So a simple reminder to myself is all this is. This chalkboard I decorated, or summer chalkboard 2014 as I call it, was my way of stopping and saying “ok Amus (my nickname from my best friend Holly and apparently what I call myself when I am coaching myself lol). It’s summer. What do y’all want to enjoy about summer?” Take a breath and shift gears. Because summer passes and then it is fall. That’s ok too…but for today, for now, the season is summer. Welcome Summer and embrace it. So I did. Aubrey and I drew pictures and took the time to make it fun. And each morning this can be a simple reminder when I wake up and walk into the kitchen, to embrace the now. Enjoy it. A much needed reminder for an all to focused and one track minded mom.

that’s right babies…show mama how to be in the moment. Thank God for kiddos and their amazing guidance

a 10 year old builds a Lego house, you respect that Lego house. I take pictures of it and he allows it. But I know one day it won’t be so simple. Embracing the now. It’s good.


5 thoughts on “Kitchen chalkboard and simple reminders”

  1. Love this, Aimee! It happens to all of us.
    Now you just need to let me know the “recipe” for you chalkboard. Measurements, materials and steps! 😉

    1. Ok. Chalkboard or magnetic chalkboard paint. A paintbrush. A piece of plywood and a frame or clay just took some old molding and framed a piece of plywood we had laying around. It was big. Then just do 3 coats and let it dry in between each. Let it sit for 3 days after each coat. On 3rd day take a piece of chalk on its side and rub it all over to cure it. And voila done!

  2. Thank you!! We’ve been toying with the idea but this gives me motivation. How big is yours?

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