Crockpot chicken and stuffing and cajun mama gets stuck in the mud

So I am a day late with this post and I am so sorry. I feel obligated to post when I say I will, especially when I have taunted some of you with my Facebook pictures. But…silver lining is that you all will get a funny cajun mama story. Sigh. Yes. Yesterday would have been the day that I needed dinner happily simmering away in the crockpot. Crazy crockpot week in Cajun mama’s kitchen is whole lot of crazy so far and little crockpot. Double sigh. I am nothing if not open to whatever life holds…also I am nothing but a big baby over the littlest things. You know how you just toodle right along through life, taking what comes, not really fazed by the big stuff and then whammo you encounter something small but so frustrating and you just dissolve into tears. Yeah that was me yesterday afternoon.
The day started out ok. I had a friend who will begin hosting my blog soon over for brunch to talk a little business and a lot of mommy talk (she is pregnant with her third and I have lots of wisdom to offer). I tried several new brunch recipes and they were fabulous and definitely blog worthy so that is great. Then she left and that’s when it took an ugly turn. I get in my car to go get the kids. Left early enough to get there fine. Except I never actually left. I was backing out of our driveway which is a little long and decide for fun I would “turn around in the yard.” I lived in the country long enough to know all about turning around in the yard. It had been a while since it rained so I thought no problem it won’t be wet. Yeah. Wrong. It hit me when I put it drive to go forward…stuck. But no matter, I thought, I’ve got this. Let me put it in overdrive. BD (big daddy) used to mud ride for a hobby so I knew I needed to back up and try again. Difference is when you are mud riding you have someone there with a winch and you can easily get pulled out. Now, normally I would have dialed BD up and made him come home and pull me out. But he left for NOLA that morning for a business trip. Yeah, that is not good. So I call my friend Cammie and sob into the phone. She tells me to get cat litter and that I have so got this. She will get the kids. I was so frustrated. And mad at myself! How stupid! And to make it worse, I kept trying to back up and go in a new direction until my car would back up anymore. So now two ruts have turned to many and it is getting worse. I get my yoga mat and try to get some traction. No. Cat litter was a no go. I tried to put it in neutral and push it. Yes by myself. (Didn’t y’all know I think I am superwoman?) Shockingly, that didn’t work. A neighbor and the garbage man tried to help. No dice. They leave. I sit in my van and cry. Feeling helpless. Then I remembered I have friends and they have husbands (also friends) who could help. So about the same time, the Calvary arrived. Here comes my friend Trey with his aptly named truck, Beast, and pulls me out. About the same time, Cammie got there with my kids. All safe and sound and excited because they got to walk home with Lulu and Kate. So we all had a laugh and all was well. Except for the huge ruts in the yard and the mud in my hair…it was ok. Oh and my yoga mat didn’t fair so well. Most of all, BD was not mad. Nope. He was laughing and asking me to send him pictures. Nice.
So now y’all know why I didn’t post yesterday (if anyone noticed lol) and why it is always, always good to have dinner going in the crockpot because you never know when you will get stuck in the mud. So my kids had to eat “brupper” which is our name for breakfast for supper last night, which is what you do when you fail to plan ahead and get dinner going in the crockpot. So this recipe is a tasty little dish. It is comfort food ready when you are. You will love it. Not all my kids loved it, but 2 out of 4 did so that is always good odds. I have a few tips I will add to help you avoid the pitfalls I did when I made this Tuesday night but all in all this was a winner!!!

Yeah, yeah, y’all are laughing with me not at me.


stuff you need~
4 chicken breasts, fat trimmed away
2 cans or 1 big can of cream of chicken soup
1-12 oz package of frozen green beans
2 boxes Stove Top Stuffing (I used cornbread flavor)
1 cup sour cream

Ya’ll with me so far? Ok.

What to do with the stuff~
First of all, do not forget this…spray your crockpot with cooking spray. I forgot this part and now my crockpot is still soaking because so much stuff was stuck on it. Yuck. So yes, spray away friends. Next, lay your chicken breasts at the bottom of the crockpot. Now, sprinkle the two boxes of stuffing (dry) all over the chicken. Now, layer your still frozen green beans over the stuffing. In a medium bowl, whisk together the sour cream and soup. Pour this on top of green beans. Now take about a 1/2 cup of water and pour this over it all. Cook on low for about 6 hours. Halfway through, I gave the stuffing a nice fluff with a fork as suggested. This will over cook easily and your chicken will be a little dry so just kind of watch it. It was yummy and so warm and comforting!



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