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Golden Oreo dirt cake

At some point in my childhood Momou discovered dirt cake. Such a novel idea at the time and she was the queen of the dirt cake. It’s funny because now dirt cake is far from a novel or creative idea. Since the invention of Pinterest, it’s hard these days to really come up with inventive ideas since it seems as if everything has been done. But back in 1990, when Momou discovered dirt cake, it was the bomb. I can recall either her or one of my aunts making it for a family gathering and serving the dirt cake in a clean flower pot with gummy worms sticking out of the top. Talk about impressive. I bet money that Momou would be a Pinterest queen if she was shown how to use it. And I bet if given the chance, she would whip up a mean dirt cake for her fellow nursing home residents. Sister can work it!! So this dirt cake is just a slight variation on the typical dirt cake. It uses golden Oreos instead of regular ones. With the recent introduction of caramel apple Oreos and pumpkin spice Oreos (which I still can’t find)…you could make this a Halloween dirt cake and really take it over the top. I am thinking food coloring, tiny tomb stones and little skeleton heads all over the top. The possibilities are endless!! This dirt cake is an excellent birthday cake alternative for my friends who have kiddos who don’t do regular cake/chocolate (I am still not sure that is at all normal…lol. But I have several friends whose kids do not eat cake or chocolate.) One of my kiddos is a real vanilla lover so I figured she would enjoy it. She did. It is such a smooth dessert with a good crunch from those cookies. It tastes better after it sits for a few hours in the fridge. So if you have never made dirt cake, here is your chance. It is a breeze to whip up and it makes a good bit! You can serve a bunch of party goers when this dessert. Whip up a batch today!!

Golden Oreo dirt cake adapted from http://www.thecardswedrew.com

Stuff you need~

2 (8 ounce) small tubs cool whip
2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese , softened
2 (5.9 ounce) packages of instant vanilla pudding
4 cups milk
2 packages of golden Oreos

What to do with the stuff~

In a large mixing bowl, or the bowl of your standing mixer, add your softened cream cheese and cool whip. Mix until well combined. Now add the pudding mix and a little of the milk at the time, mixing after each addition (trust me it will slosh all over the place if you add it all at once). Mix until smooth and well blended.
Ok now for the fun part! We are gonna crush some Oreos! It’s a mini arm workout and an aggression reliever at the same time. Not that I have any er aggression. No, not me. I have 4 kids between the ages of 6 and 11 but I am as a calm as can be. If you know me well you know I am lying, but if you believe me then let’s just continue that for now. ūüėú
Add a package of Oreos to a gallon size ziploc. Close tightly. Take a rolling pin or a hammer and get after crushing those Oreos. It’s good fun! Flip the bag over and crush some more. Do the same thing for the second package.
Now, I made this in a trifle bowl. If you don’t have one, you can buy one as they are pretty cheap and you will get some good use out of it, or you can use a plain ole big bowl. Whatever you want. Do your thing.
Add half of the first bag of crushed Oreos (or 1/4 of the crushed Oreos) to the bottom of your serving bowl. Now, smooth 1/4 of the pudding mixture over the top of the Oreos. Now, sprinkle the other half of the first package of the crushed Oreos over this. Then another 1/4 of the pudding. Continue 2 more times. Oreos then pudding. You should end with crushed Oreos on the top. It should look like this…

ain’t it perty?! Yum!!

Naughty brownies

Now the original name of these brownies is “slutty” brownies and “lady of the night” brownies. ¬†I am really not sure where that name comes from unless it is the fact that you feel downright bad about yourself for making them let alone eating one. ¬†I didn’t not let such a notion stop me. ¬†I mean…chocolate chip cookie dough, double Stuf oreos and brownies? ¬†Umm…sounds like a dream come true to me. But truthfully, these things are sinful so I can kind of see why such a name. ¬†But for the sake of any aunts, uncles, friends’ parents from elementary school who might follow my blog I am going to call them Naughty brownies. ¬†Also, my 10 year old gets on my Cajun Mama facebook page from time to time and also reads my blog, and I really not ready to answer questions about that name. ¬†And they are naughty, so this name is appropriate. ¬†Anyway, Big Daddy was going to the store this morning to get some stuff for his boat and he asked if I needed anything. ¬†I said yes, 2 packs of double stuf oreos. ¬†He immediately got a worried look on his face and asked if i was ok. He knows that Oreos are my weakness and a bad day could send me into the position. ¬†Hunched over a glass of milk dunking oreo after oreo. ¬†I told him I was fine. ¬†I am making brownies. ¬†He didn’t ask any more questions. ¬†He just went and then came home with a pack of double stuf Oreos and then…gasp a package of Mega stuf Oreos. ¬†Seriously? ¬†Who knew they made those. ¬†Luckily my kids love oreos too, so between putting them in the brownies and my kids’ attacking them like a pack of starved gorillas…no worries about having them around the house. ¬†Ok…I made these brownies once before when I first found them on Pinterest. ¬†I don’t think I cooked them long enough and the batch was too small so I kind of felt meh about them. ¬†That was before Cajun Mama. ¬†I felt like it was my responsibility to try them again and report the results to you all. ¬†So…it was tough but I muddled through. ¬†I took one for the team. ¬†ha ha ha! ūüôā ¬†Much better results this time with a few changes to the recipe.

Also, this is NOT my brainchild. ¬†I wish I could claim ownership of such a devilish concoction, but I am not a genius. ¬†i do not know where this originated from but I will give you my take on it and i made some changes so to whomever came up with this recipe…my hat is off to you!!

Naughty Brownies


One recipe of Nestle Toll House cookie dough (off the back of the nestle toll house semi sweet chocolate chips package)

one package of Double Stuf Oreos

One family size package of Betty Crocker chewy brownie mix


LIne one 13 x 9 baking pan with parchment paper.  Leave some sticking out on each side so you can use it for handles to lift the brownies out the pan later.  Trust me.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Make cookie dough according to Nestle Tollhouse directions. ¬†Press cookie dough into pan. ¬†Lay enough Oreos on top of cookie dough to amply cover the cookie dough. ¬†Like this…


Next, make your brownie batter according to package directions. ¬†Pour brownie batter on top of Oreos. ¬†Make sure you spread it evenly over the Oreos and cookie dough. ¬†Pop your pan in the oven and bake for about 40 minutes. ¬†Check them for doneness and continue to cook in 10 minute increments until done. ¬†You will know they are done when the brownies start to separate from the parchment paper and you don’t see any gooey brownie dough when you look at them. ¬†Mine took about 50 minutes to be done. ¬†I made a bigger batch than what the original called for and they cut much better and more evenly. ¬†Plus more to share. ¬†Win! ¬†This batch turned out perfectly. ¬†I let them cool for about 30 minutes and then I took each end of parchment paper and put that on a cutting board. ¬†I then used my beloved Pampered Chef spatula and cut them into squares while simultaneously shooing little hands away until I was done. ¬†Seriously…little people and big men come out of the woodwork when these are done. ¬†Proceed with caution. ¬†So. devilishly good. ¬†Also these would be precious with the seasonal oreos (thought they will not be double stuf) for a little added color. ¬†Hope you enjoy them.


Aren’t they lovely? ¬†These taste even better than they look. ¬†Promise¬†

Cajun MAMA side note…So I woke up too early this morning. ¬†Big Daddy had woken up and then my little bull followed suit. ¬†Little Bull wanted a pot pie from the freezer of all things for breakfast. ¬†So BD heated it up for them. ¬†He had no way of knowing that Cookie loves potpies and i had bought that one for her. ¬†She of course woke up this morning and decided she HAD to have it for breakfast. ¬†That is how I ended up at Walmart at 7 a.m. in the frozen food aisle buying another potpie. ¬†So naturally, me being the talkative Cajun I am even without coffee, I share this with the sweet checkout lady. ¬†She gives me a knowing look and tells me “honey. ¬†stop spoiling them children. ¬†They gonna always expect you to do this stuff for them.” I took her words to heart. ¬†She went on to tell me she knows what she is talking about as a 53 year old experienced mom. ¬†I have no doubt she does. ¬†I also have no doubt I probably go too far to please my kids sometimes. ¬†I find it hard to see the line sometimes. ¬†I often wonder if I am the only one. ¬†Am I too self indulgent? ¬†Then I see someone else doing something for their kids and I realize no…I am a mom. ¬†Moms do those things. ¬†Do our kids take us for granted? ¬†Sure. ¬†They are too young to understand why we do it…they just know we do it. ¬†Was going to WM at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning to replace that potpie too much effort for my child who is already struggling to find her place and identity? ¬†I don’t think so. ¬†I want her to know she is worthwhile. ¬†I want her to feel valued. ¬†It is the same reason we moms and dads do any of the stuff we do. ¬†Because we are laying the foundation for their tomorrow. ¬†Does it ensure their love for the long haul? ¬†Maybe. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†All I know is that I cannot give her everything. ¬†I won’t. I cannot give her a pony. ¬†I cannot order everything she wants from the PB Teen catalog. ¬†Even if we could afford it, I would not. ¬†That is not realistic. ¬†I am limiting what Santa brings this year because all that excess is unnecessary and eventually setting me up for having to give more and more. ¬†But I CAN go replace a potpie that was her’s and that I bought because she loves them that got eaten. ¬†I can do that. ¬†I try hard to live my life doing what I can with what I have where I am. ¬†That is all I can do. ¬†Same reason on Saturday when I am too tired to really care, I make trashy brownies, cajun bean and ham soup, a cheese dip for the game. ¬†If it is the small things that become the big things, then I think I am going to make it. ¬† We all will. ¬†Those things I can do. ¬†~AMB